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The Montessori Teacher

In the Montessori classroom the teacher is often referred to as the director. This indicates the teacher's role in providing direction for the student facilitating a link between the prepared environment and the student. The Montessori teacher aims to channels the child's natural curiosity and energy towards meaningful and satisfying activity.

The teacher observes each student's progress in order to ascertain the developmental status and individual needs. The classroom teacher presents each piece of equipment in such a way as to enable the child to direct their own learning, modeling confidence, caring and self control.

Each student's progress is carefully programmed and recorded. When the student is ready each new piece of equipment is presented in an inviting and appealing manner so as to maximize the learning experience.

The teacher is the guide to the classroom environment providing support and direction that matches the student's developmental needs and progress.


Gisborne Montessori School requires all teaching staff to have recognised teaching qualifications. Primary teaching staff are required to be registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching or have permission to teach. Early childhood teachers have qualifications recognised by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Teachers have, or are currently undergoing, Montessori training.

Specialist teachers have appropriate qualification and registration.In Victoria the VCAA sets standards that require classroom teachers to have a clear understanding of the curriculum requirements and teaching standards set by the State. This enables the School to provide an appropriate context for the method that Dr Maria Montessori developed in the early 1900s.

Teachers have the opportunity to undertake ongoing professional development both within the school environment as well as externally.

Regular first aid training and upgrades are organized each year for all staff. Staff also undergo anaphylaxis training.