Enrolment Process 

Before you begin your child's enrolment process you will need to contact the school to make a time for a school visit. During this visit you will be invited to observe the classroom/s in operation. Following this visit, should you decide that you wish to enrol your child at the school, please complete the registration form (link below for online or hard copy) and forward it with the non-refundable registration fee to the school. This will register your child's name on our waiting list.

On receipt of the form and fee the school will make contact with you to begin the enrolment process. In due course you, with your child, may be required to attend an interview with the Head of School. Following the interview, your child may be offered placement.

The order of priority for offers of place will be as follows:

  1. Returning children.
  2. Siblings of current primary students at Gisborne Montessori School.
  3. Children transferring from other Montessori Educational Facilities in order to attend the primary school.
  4. Children on the waiting list as per chronological order of receipt of registration.*

Gisborne Montessori School Fee Philosophy

We understand that an independent school education is a big investment for most families and we thank you for considering Gisborne Montessori School for your children. The School’s desire is to provide affordable authentic Montessori education.

The School’s Tuition fees are designed to be a simple and all-inclusive cost. These fees include all specialist classes, excursions, food, text books, stationery, and activities as required. In other words, the fees cover everything except optional activities such as instrumental music and camps. There are discounts available for siblings. Please contact the school for a current Fee Schedule.

Some families may still find the financial investment required is out of reach despite their intense desire for a Montessori Education for their child or children and suitability for our community. Such families may wish to apply for a scholarship. Scholarships may be available from time to time – see Community Scholarship page. There is also a download link for the scholarship form below.

Family Participation

Critical to running a small school with community values and containing fee increases is volunteer support. Families are required to do six hours per term and one working bee per year of volunteer support with their arranged committee. If you cannot support the school with your time, you can elect to pay a levy of $35 per hour.

Registration Fee

Each Registration for Early Starters and Cycle 1, 2 or 3 must be accompanied by the Registration Fee of $75 per child. Registration will ensure that your child is included in the pre-placement registration at the Gisborne Montessori School. This fee is non-refundable and does not confirm a place in the pre-school or school. Nido Registration is free. 

Registration Process

  1. Please use this link for an online registration form for all students (including nido) OR
  2. If you would prefer to print out a hard copy, please see the download links below.  Please use the "Full registration form" for early starters and cycles one to three.  Obviously, please use the "Nido registration form" for Nido.  OR
  3. You are also welcome to pick up a form at the office or ring us to post you one out.


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