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Carpark Safety

Gisborne Montessori School has a dedicated, off street car park to allow safe access for children and easy student drop off and pick up for parents.

Using the School Carpark

The carpark is designed to allow for optimum traffic flow whilst providing a safe access for children from all areas. All Cycle 1 children must be signed in and therefore require that parents park in the designated parking places.

Children in Cycle 2 and 3 are not required to be signed in and can therefore be dropped in the drop off /bus zone each morning. Parents are requested to use the turning circle for quick drop off and collection of children, not to leave their cars parked in the turning circle and not to park where there are plants. Should there be a shortage of carparks, please utilise the area near the water tanks.

Please use the designated yellow pathways located in front of the carpark spaces to move around the carpark. This then ensures that all pedestrians are safe. Children are not to access the carpark without the supervision of a parent or guardian.