The GMS Internal site is currently under construction.

A notice will be placed in the newsletter when it has been finalised.

If you have any ideas or suggestions about what you would like to see in the "internal" site please send an email to web@gisbornemontessori.vic.edu.au.

Parts of this site are private, and only available to current members of the school community.  Access to the Gisborne Montessori Internal Site can only be provided via google accounts.  If you have an existing gmail account you can use it, or you can register for a free gmail account.

If you would like to gain access to the internal site when it becomes available, send an email to web@gisbornemontessori.vic.edu.au containing:
  • your full name
  • gmail address 
  • contact details
  • reason for requesting access
A confirmation letter will be sent to your gmail address, and we will send regular updates containing information about enhancements made to the school's online services.