Cycle 2 and 3 (Primary Years 1 to 6)

Once a sound foundation has been acquired the primary students are well able to build their knowledge base. The areas of mathematics, geometry, language and literacy, science, cultural studies, geography, history, art, music, are extended as the student's readiness is apparent.

Learning is an active process of accessing many different concrete materials as well as revisiting some of the earlier equipment from a new perspective as the student's ability to imagine and abstract develops.

The children will work with reference books, make their own books, draw their own maps or time lines and develop their own projects.

Students move from the concrete through their own efforts and discovery to the abstract - thus greatly expanding their field of knowledge.

Through imagination students learn to co-ordinate this abstract movement of their mind. They take imaginative steps based on the detail they have been given.

The primary school student begins to explore moral issues. Who am I? What is my place in the universe? What is good and bad?

The Montessori curriculum for the primary years is built around the five great lessons:

  • Creation of earth
  • Coming of plants and animals
  • Arrival of humans
  • Development of language
  • Mathematics and inventions

The student learns to love these studies developing a fascination with all aspects of the world around them and an enormous desire to investigate, research and explore.

Lessons include excursions outside of the classroom to foster a feeling connection to the community and encourage the student's natural desire to make contributions to the world.

These five lessons grow to include such topics as algebra, square and cube roots, geometry, botany, zoology, evolution and classification, chemistry and physics experiments, the history of math and language, grammar and sentence analysis and so on.

"My School"

Let me tell you a little story
My school is called Montessori

I love to go there everyday
I always listen to what the teacher’s say

Play time is full of fun with friends
Sometimes I wish it would never end

The things I learn make me very clever
I am going to remember it all forever

If I didn’t go here, it just wouldn’t be fair
There is no better school anywhere!