Kitchen & Dining Program

Gisborne Montessori School offers onsite meal provision to all full time students on a daily basis. This involves the provision of predominantly vegetarian sandwiches, salads and meals prepared on site with the involvement of the students. On site food provision also enables greater flexibility to use food and animal husbandry as fundamental and integrated component of the curriculum as opportunities present.  For example, husbandry of chickens for egg sales, growing apples, strawberries, salad leaves, and herbs for lunch.

School lunches have proved to be advantageous in encouraging students to sample flavours and textures that they may not normally choose.

As well as providing students with many practical life and interactive learning experiences, the meals on site program has enabled the School to more effectively provide inclusive dining experiences for those students with dietary allergies and intolerances.

The communal dining room, established to enable full time students to eat as a community, provides an additional opportunity for students to develop practical life and social skills related to table setting and dining etiquette.

GMS Board,
9 Jan 2018, 19:21