Learning at GMS


The programs offered in the primary classrooms meet the guidelines of the Australian Curriculum and the Montessori National Curriculum. Through the continual process of development and review of our Curriculum Framework, the school ensures that our curriculum is thorough, developmentally appropriate and in accordance with both Montessori educational standards and current Government educational standards.

Curriculum specialist areas of Art, Music, Language Other Than English (Auslan), Animal Husbandry, Sustainability, Library and Physical Education form a vital component of the school curriculum.

A specialist music program offers music appreciation, theory, rhythm and choral experiences for all full time students.  Opportunities to perform at the Annual Concert and other school events enhance the Performing Arts program. Incursions and excursions provide opportunities for students to enrich the learning through real experiences. Regular activities include cultural performances, Responsible Pet Ownership, libraries and galleries.

From Year 1, students begin to participate in excursions, providing them with opportunities to develop their public social skills and safe behaviours.

From Year 4 students are encouraged to make good use of the educational opportunities available further afield. In addition to the cultural education, students develop their confidence and independence through practicing their skills when using public transport safely and exhibiting appropriate behaviour when mixing with public.

The whole school assembly is an opportunity for our Graduates to showcase their leadership skills. It gives the children a strong sense of identity as they realise they are part of a bigger whole. Both the children and parents enjoy the presentations.