Transition To Other Schools

  • When Dr. Montessori spoke of 'education for life', she meant preparing a child for the myriad experiences he or she will encounter, both in and outside of school, which of course includes moving from a Montessori primary classroom into high school.
  • A child who’s been in a Montessori classroom since age 3 has had many years of daily practise in working cooperatively; negotiation with peers; being a leader or a follower, depending on the requirements of the situation; and learning how to learn. Self-reliance and dependability have had the maximum potential to develop, as this child made decisions about what to work on and paced him or herself with the activity. All of these are invaluable skills that will serve the child in high school, higher education and the workplace.
  • The Montessori emphasis is on learning for its own sake, for developing knowledge and awareness of the wonderful world around us. It awakens the natural human desire to know and understand. Children aren’t encouraged to compete, or to work simply to achieve a reward or avoid a consequence. Instead, the child has an opportunity to develop internal motivation, another valuable attribute for high school and the years beyond
  • During a child’s final Montessori primary years, he or she develops a greater level of abstraction with academic subjects and moves away from using the materials. At the same time, he or she will be guided in improving planning and organisational skills and working to a deadline. These skills will assist with the transition to high school.