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2019 off to a great start!

posted 11 Feb 2019, 22:38 by GMS Board

2019 is off to a great start and the animals are happy to have all the children back caring for them.
Welcome to all our new families, it's great to see everyone transitioning and settling in very well!

Term 3 off to a great start

posted 31 Jul 2018, 21:41 by GMS Board

Term 3 has stated off with much talk about how the children spent their holidays. It is lovely to hear all their stories, as children enjoy speaking about things most memorable to them. The children continue to enjoy their interactions with the animals, and are learning the responsibilities that come with having them. There is a roster for the cycle 2 and 3 classes of various duties that need to be done on a daily basis, such as feeding, grooming, maintenance of fences and paddocks and the collection of animal droppings for sale as a fundraiser. But most of all, the children continue to grow in their love for the animals, and there is a genuine gratefulness that we are so privileged to have them as part of our school. This is evident in the time they spend with them, bringing Diego and Chip carrots from home, and taking time to even visit them after school.  The children have been very excited to welcome our latest arrival; a friend for Diego, named Milo. We believe they will prove to be good companions to each other.  

Term 1 Start Dates

posted 19 Jan 2018, 20:04 by GMS Board

Orientation day is Wednesday the 31st of January from 10am to 11am for all students.  We encourage attendance at this session to help you child adjust to the return for the year.  There will be a parent meeting and morning tea in the hall and all are welcome.

  • Nido returns from Friday the 2nd of February on Mondays and Fridays.
  • For yellow group and cycle one first and second years students there is a staggered start over a few weeks to ensure smooth transition and adequate staffing for individual attention during the settling back in period.  Refer to your individual letters or contact the office for your day to return.
  • Full time students (third year cycle one, cycle 2 and cycle 3) return on Thursday the 1st February.
I hope everyone has had a lovely break!

School Concert - "We are the World"

posted 16 Sep 2017, 00:11 by GMS Board

A wonderful night was had by all at our "We are the World" Primary School Concert and global feast. Apart from the singing, acting, international language and dancing performances, each child cooked a dish from the country they have been studying to share with our community.  This is what one of our community members emailed us:
" Dianne, I just wanted to put pen to paper after being completely overwhelmed (in a wonderful way!) with the atmosphere at tonight's concert and global feast. What I sensed, from both the children and family members present, was generosity; kindness; acceptance; diversity and a beautiful sense of community. Amanda"

A Poem by Sophie

posted 5 Sep 2017, 19:52 by GMS Board

TUESDAY - by Sophie (C3Y1 = year 4)
I did my spelling to start the day,
I finished level 100 on math lab, so yay!
I did a language challenge card, I did one more.
I learned about prepositions.  I worked 'till my brain was sore.
And that is all I have to say,
about what I did on Tuesday.

Diego the Donkey

posted 24 Aug 2017, 22:59 by GMS Board   [ updated 24 Aug 2017, 23:10 ]

Recently, Diego the Donkey arrived at GMS. He’s a nearly 2-year-old miniature donkey, who has a very calm and gentle nature. Kim, the breeder, reassured us that he will be fine being an “only donkey” – as long as he is housed with the other animals and often interacted with by humans (which will not be a problem at all – he is absolutely adorable). He is an award-winning donkey, having won first place at the Geelong Royal Show and is used to being led by humans. The children love him already and will not lack any attention at GMS.


Cycle 3 Teacher

Science Week 2017

posted 24 Aug 2017, 19:51 by Web Admin

Last week was jam packed full of fun science experiments. We had demonstrations of sugar crystals, volcanoes, a baking soda powered boat, children walking on eggs, static electricity bending water, a helium powered zeppelin of sorts. Basically loads of educational fun. To wrap things up we had a documentary afternoon on Friday afternoon with Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey, Episode 4 Hiding in the Light. This is a great series that follows on from Carl Sagan’s original Cosmos, highlighting scientific development through history, helping to bring to life some long forgotten and unrecognised pioneers.


Cycle 2 Teacher

Cydney the Lamb

posted 24 Aug 2017, 17:54 by Web Admin

On Thursday of last week I had three of our students come racing up to the office with very excited calls to come quickly and see what had happened. There was a new lamb born to one of our sheep, Adelaide. The children had an impromptu lesson in what was that thing hanging from the lamb’s tummy (the umbilical cord), what did it do, how would the little lamb know how to drink. This was a very natural sex education lesson that will allow those present to experience the miracle of birth in such a natural, delightful way. This is something that country children like myself grow up with, developing a healthy understanding of birth and death through the care of animals. I am so thrilled that our children here are experiencing nature’s wonders first hand as I did as a little girl.

Dianne Davis


Education Week 2017- 23rd to 27th May

posted 17 May 2017, 20:18 by GMS Board   [ updated 17 May 2017, 20:21 ]

Tuesday 23rd May to Friday 26th May - 10am School tours - Meet teachers and students and see the school in operation. 

Saturday 27th May - 10am to 2pm - Open Day - Meet teachers and students with a school tour and activities.


New Sandpit - Sioux Dollman design

posted 29 Mar 2017, 18:29 by GMS Board

As fundraising is now underway, we are getting started on the first project – a fantastic new sandpit in the cycle 2 & 3 play area!


The project is set to start on the 28th of April. This project will run over 8 weeks and require the assistance of our school community to make it happen. All students will be involved in building the sandpit, and we invite all parents, grandparents, and family friends who can spare time to come and get involved.


We are excited to have engaged the services of Sioux Dollman to assist us with this build. You may have seen her incredible mosaics and Totem poles at the Werribee zoo.



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