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Year 6 Students at National Young Leaders Day

posted 20 Mar 2015, 14:10 by GMS Admin   [ updated 20 Mar 2015, 23:52 by Web Admin ]

Our Year 6 students joined 4300 primary school representatives from across the state including other local schools for the National Young Leaders Day. This an annual event developing strong leadership values amongst young Australians. 

Anecdotes of wisdom and inspiration were shared by the quest speakers such as paralympian Jess Gallagher, imploring us to make the most of every opportunity, not to take life for granted, or wait for the ‘perfect time’ to lead by example. Jess is legally blind because of a rare degenerative eye disease, however this has not stopped her from being both a summer an winter Paralympic medallist in downhill skiing, an oestopath for elite athletes, or an   ambassador for Vision Australia.

In fact, it is what leaders do, not just what they say, that defines who they are. In the words of Mother Teresa “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples’  Therefore we challenge everyone to consider how  your actions impact  those around you, those you know?  

What positive thing can you do to change the world for the better?

By Nathalie - Cycle 3 Teacher