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Support for Macedon Grammar Students

posted 30 Dec 2014, 18:26 by GMS Board   [ updated 30 Dec 2014, 18:36 by Web Admin ]
The Board and Staff at GMS are saddened by events at Macedon Grammar School (MGS) and, as one small independent school to another, we extend our support in any possible and hope that the school can reopen. Our school understands the plight of families with students who do not thrive in mainstream schools and the anguish many families must be going through at the moment.
Whilst we hope that the situation at MGS can improve, vacancies exist at all primary school year levels at GMS for emergency positions for MGS families if necessary. We can tailor individualised transitions for special student and/or family needs. 
The email address admin@montessori-gisborne.com is being monitored for enquiries over the Christmas holiday period and school tours and return phone calls can be arranged this way.  Otherwise, the office will be open on 14th January (for one day) and then again from the 19th January.
Good luck!