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The Plover Chicks have hatched!

posted 7 Aug 2015, 02:02 by Web Admin
Our resident Spur Winged Plover pair built a nest in the stone footpath of our car park. A few car parking places have been cordoned off to allow them some space and the students have been watching from a distance since term 3 began.  Finally, after four weeks of sitting on a clutch of eggs, their hard work has paid off and two Spur Winged Plover chicks have finally hatched.  After many years of failing to raise eggs to the point of hatching, this pair of birds has finally been given the respect and space they needed to succeed.  So well done everyone to get them to this point.
In the meantime, it now means that they have stepped up their level of protective behavior (swooping).  Their swooping can be dangerous and they can cause nasty injuries with their beaks and spurs on their wings.  Please park in the top car park and walk around the office verandah and cycle one verandah to avoid getting swooped!