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Update on Project Chartreuse - The Greening of Yellow

posted 4 Dec 2014, 04:57 by GMS Board   [ updated 4 Dec 2014, 05:46 by Web Admin ]

In celebration of the 25 years that Landcare Australia has been working with the Landcare community, Yates awarded 25 grants of up to $1,000 each to schools and youth groups who can demonstrate innovative ways of creating a garden within their school or community.  Grants were awarded to the most innovative, sustainable and environmentally conscious entries.

Our successful application is called



It has 4 key elements to improve environmental outcomes in the yellow and nido groups:
New toddler gardening area a gardening bench made from recycled or reused materials and self-wicking pots to plant our seedlings. 

PROGRESS UPDATE: We have completed the extension to gardening area and are refurbishing a second hand table
as a potting table.  A self-composting garden bed and been installed and planted with edible leafy greens, cucumbers and nasturtium.

New Sensory Garden - new garden beds around the sandpit area which will include plants for sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.  Landscape features such as concrete hands to encourage touching, gazing globe for visual stimulation and a decorative fence.  A log path to encourage jumping and moving and a vertical garden planted in old hanging gumboots.
PROGRESS UPDATE: Thanks to the Falloon Family, the log path is well
The garden bed is complete using recycled tyres with sensory enlightening
plants to be in the garden shortly.
decorative fence has been constructed from recycled pallets and decorations painted by cycle 3 students.  The Gazing globe, concrete hands and fence installation will occur shortly.

“Living” Cubby House first stage of this work is to relocate the south fence section to the north of the swale drain.  This creates a more usable playground year round by fencing off the waterlogged area.  The extra fence panels will be used to create a room extension to the west in which we will add a canopy and plant out with climbers and tall sunflowers to create a living cubby house.
PROGRESS UPDATE: Instead of fence relocation, the area was well drained using agi-pipe maintaining its larger size.   An extra fence panel was installed behind the taps to create the space for living cubby.  Planter boxes have been crafted by a parent from recycled scrap timber.  Now we just need to plant it out and time for it to grow over.

Aquaponics - a new indoor small gold fish tank which incorporates a filter system through a hyproponics plant bed on top of the unit.  A great way for the children to experience animal husbandry whilst learning about plant nutrients and life cycles. 
PROGRESS UPDATE: The Aquaponics fish tank has been dispatched and will arrive very shortly.  It will be installed in the new year so that we can begin caring for the fish when school returns after the break.