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Welcome to 2017!

posted 7 Feb 2017, 18:42 by GMS Board   [ updated 6 Mar 2017, 18:38 ]
It's going to be a fantastic 2017 with a focus on family engagement and improving our school grounds this year.  The brimming cycle 2 classroom with its teacher (Michael) and assistant (Karlissa) and aide (Felicity) is spreading itself over the two available classrooms allowing a great combination and perfect opportunity for class, small group and individual learning.  The cycle 3 classroom is a perfect size this year for social interaction and group learning whilst small enough for terrific individual attention.  Their teacher Katrine and the two aides (Alice and Cathy) have plenty of fresh ideas within the Montessori framework to engage this group of wonderful characters.  The cycle one classrooms, yellow and nido classes are all close to capacity and waiting lists are likely to start forming for these sessions throughout the year.  These classes are so well structured and lively and the children are thriving in the environment.
To all our new families, I hope you enjoy GMS's community spirit and make the most of the unique opportunity our small school can offer to make some good friends and to demonstrate to your child your commitment to the importance of their education. 
To all our current families, it's great to see you and your children back.  I missed them over the holidays!  Please make all our new families feel welcome and I encourage you to engage in all our activities and opportunities this year to the best of your ability.
Dianne will be continuing to provide us with her fantastic leadership in combination with her role as a leading Australian Montessori teacher training provider.  Thursday is her typical standard day of attendance for us, with one or two extra days per week scheduling in with the needs of the school.
Simone is working full time in the office this year.  Pinar and myself and also working part time.  Our focus this year is to ensure we realise the improvements to be made by our new administration software and marketing.  We are always here to help, so please come in and chat to us.
Your current school Board of Management is myself, Simone and Karen Scanlin.  Our Board membership will be under review this year and we'll keep you informed as we go along.
I'm looking forward to a fantastic year!
Leanne Farrell
Registrar and Chair, Board of Management