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Community Scholarship

In order to increase community accessibility to a Montessori education, Gisborne Montessori School offers Community Scholarships. The purpose is to get back to some of the fundamental principles Dr Montessori set out to achieve when providing education to those who would otherwise have not had an opportunity to study. It is our aim to become a school that truly embraces a sense of humanity towards others in our community.

The School’s desire is to provide affordable authentic Montessori education. However, we appreciate that the financial investment required is too large for many families despite their intense desire for a Montessori Education for their child or children and suitability for our community. Such families may wish to apply for a scholarship.

These scholarships are not for academic, music or sporting achievement. These scholarships are intended to enable students, of disadvantaged financial situation, an opportunity to thrive in a Montessori classroom environment. These students may be average, delayed or gifted according to any academic testing or reporting. The emphasis is on demonstrated financial hardship and the ability to exhibit a connectedness or suitability to Gisborne Montessori School and Montessori education in general.

Step 1

If you have not already done so, attend a school tour or open day to ensure that Gisborne Montessori School is right for your child and family.

Step 2

Complete the Application form and include all the application procedure requirements as listed in page 3 of the Information Pack and Application Form. Submit your application form.

Step 3

Submit your application. The Scholarship sub-committee will be in contact regarding your application.

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